We offer solutions that streamline all the retail processes making business efficient and cost effective

Retail Industry is growing rapidly with the increased user base. And, it’s not limited to selling consumable or utility products in brick and mortar stores. It has shifted its services to online. Meaning, the business now needs in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour- purchasing pattern, needs, preferences and most importantly customer satisfaction to increase the online visibility and influence customers.

We have a team of experienced developers who are dedicated to cater integrated solutions tailored as per the needs helping retailers maximizing business efficiency and increase sales conversion rates.

Besides, with our digital and analytics integration solutions, we allow you to improve your in-store and customer web experience. We also provide you useful insights that help you envision your goals and take smarter decisions for your business.

The services we provide;

  • Multiple payment gateway integration
  • Various report and analytics
  • Express/single page checkouts
  • Mobile POS solutions
  • Inventory and ordering systems
  • Shipping and tracking management
  • Integrating affiliates
  • Planning management and optimising techniques

To avail integration services for online retail, drop your inquiry at support@syncx.io or call at +91 999 822 2929. Our experts will revert you.

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