Integration Planning

Planning & designing integrated data mart streamlines data migration and development process.

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Our experts take keen interest in knowing your business requirement and domain which further helps them in designing the actual data mart for integration process.

There are various reasons that a company needs integration.

  • Change in the business needs
  • Need for system upgradation
  • Introduction to the new business operation
  • Management and operational needs

With the advances in technology or say introduction to cloud computing, integration of two different software applications has become quite easy. But before proceeding further with the integration, planning and designing the integration structure is essential. Moreover, our experts dive deep in knowing your business domain, individual needs, the approach you use to run your business, existing technical and business issues, etc… which gives them the clear understanding of your current business scenario.

What we do?

  • Study and analyse the requirements
  • Identify the issues with the existing business process
  • Perform Data Mapping
  • Plan and design the integrated data mart with the correct data flow (directional, bi-directional or continuous) and key data fields

At SyncX, our experts perform such tasks which helps them in drawing a conclusion of how your business will perform and what advantages it will get after the integration takes place.

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