Changes the way your organisation works

SyncX provides excellent business agility to organizations by connecting software applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with APIs.

SaaS Integrations

We develop custom integration ( the way you want ) between different SaaS applications used by your organization to move and use data seamlessly.


API Endpoints

We build, compose and maintain APIs for software. Access different system across company without hassle by creating own APIs.


We help organizations in aggregating customer data from different software in one data warehouse for research and analysis.

Transfer of data from endpoint-to-endpoint with cognitive computation

Integrating platforms to help you gain the most out of technology


Cloud Apps

CRMs, Payment, Email, & more


Analytics.js, Shopify, Wordpress


iOS, Android, and Xamarin SDKs

Cloud Apps

CRMs, Payment, Email, & more

Data Warehouse

Redshift, Big Query, SQL Data Warehouse